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A more bespoke service specifically targeted at tackling the viruses that can emerge from the internet. They range in various different purposes from attempting to steal bank details to using your machine in a Denial of Service attack against another company.

New viruses appear every day and although most anti-virus software providers are updating their databases every hour many can still slip through onto your machine.
Tell tail signs of serious virus infections can be sudden limited use of the operating system, false warnings and a slow PC.

A virus can simply define down to a piece of malicious software which you didn’t ask to be installed, there are many different formats ranging from:

  • Malware – The general term used for all unwanted malicious software.
  • Adware – Usually seen in the form of popups from your web browser which can redirect to download more viruses.
  • Worms – They latch into USB’s and Emails to spread, sometimes laying dormant for months.
  • Trojans – They try to install additional software to your PC to remotely access certain parts.
  • Spyware – Designed simply to steal your data ranging from computer use to bank details.
  • RootKit – The worst kind, hard to find and remove hiding in the bootup area of your PC.

If you want to have a full PC clean out check out our PC Health Check service, if it’s simply the viruses you want removed than feel free to contact us through our contact page or phone us on 0845 272 2373. For further information please check out our sister company Virus Removal Birmingham.

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